About Fremmed.no

Fremmed is an organization founded in February of 2016, with the purpose of spreading cultural awareness about immigration, as well as the exchange of ideas between Norwegians and immigrants in Norway. In this endeavour we have created this website, where readers can find stories, perspectives, related academic work and opinions - published in text, photography, art or video. Most of our articles come from contributors who have something to share pertaining to the life and challenges of being an immigrant and immigration in general, as well as volunteers and activists who wish to bring attention to Norwegian volunteering efforts - both locally and abroad. 

You can read more about the project here (Norwegian).

Editorial Team

Our focus is on culture, human dignity and the expression of opinion, and we aim to produce and publish high-quality content. To ensure this quality, we have an editorial committee consisting of a handful of engaged members. 

The Editorial Committee constitutes the editorial side of the organization, which is conducted without political or religious affiliations. It is responsible for overseeing the budget, planning and administration of projects, and in particular aids writers with proofreading, formatting, and decides what content is published.


Arsenii Markov

Chairman, Web Editor, Graphic Designer

Bachelor Degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen (UiB). Currently studies law and works as a research assistant in a international project led by UiB and the University of Talinn under sponsorship by the Research Council of Norway and the EU comission. The projects focus areas are Cultural diversity, multicultural dialogue, acculturation, ethnic and national identity, integration and intergroup relations. 


Valeria Markova

Deputy Chairman, Project advisor

Cand.psychol degree in University of Bergen with an exchange to National University of Singapore where she studied cultural diversity and had a internship in Saartibartman centre in Cape Town South Africa. In Bergen she was one of the founders of ''Helsesenter for Papirløse''. She also participates in different projects and has written several academic articles. She is currently a PhD candidate with research focus on cultural/ethnic differences in conceptualizations of mental health problems and their treatement.

Evelyn Furnes

Social Media Manager, Board Member

Recently finished with her two year degree at Bergen Art School. Boardmember


Mari Bondevik

Board Member

Bachelors degree in Development Studies and Arabic from the University of Bergen. Active in Amnesty and currently on her exchange in Jordan.

Jonathan Barhane

Board Member

M.Sc. student in Economics at the University of Bergen. Previously the president of the Social Sciences Corporate Committee (S.A.U). Worked as an intern at The United Nations Association of Norway. 

Jon Eide Johnsen


M.Sc. student in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU with a specialisation in artificial intelligence. Currently situated in Hong Kong and serves as a technology advisor for Fremmed.no