Emilie K. Beck, volunteer / movie director

Volunteer in A Drop in the Ocean (Dråpen i Havet), and creator of the documentary ''There Will Be Boats'' (2015) (''Det kommer båter''). She works as a director for Ariel film.

Contributed with the personal essays ''En Flom av Følelser'' (no) and ''Tilbake til Hverdagen'' (no)

Anne Sofie Bergvall, political activist / journalist

Anne Sofie Lid Bergvall is a student at The University of Bergen, where she studies Middle Eastern history. She has written for Bergens Tidende and Studvest, and is chairwoman in Hordaland Socialist Left Party.

Contributed with the story ''Antikvaren i Betlehem'' (no)

Mari Bondevik, activist / student

Has a bachelor degree in development studies and currently studying Arabic at the Universitetet of Bergen.

Contributed with the article ''In sha Allah - 'Viss gud vil' eller 'Kven veit' '' (no)

Evelyn Furnes, student

Editor and board member at Foreningen Fremmed. 

Contributed with editing the article serie "Kulturnytt" (no) - and with translating "Fra Syria til Norge - En enslig trebarnsmor på flukt" (no)

Manal Abou Hamed, Syrian refugee

A Syrian refugee from Damascus, Syria. She fled the war in the hopes of securing her children a safe future - and is currently seeking asylum in Norway. 

Contributed with the story ''Fra Syria til Norge - En enslig trebarnsmor på flukt'' (no)

Amalie Henden, blogger / journalist

Blogger at Studies Journalism at Brunel University London.

Contributed with the opinion article ''Bildet som forandret alt'' (no)

Majid Khalili, Afghan refugee

A young survivor from Afghanistan who immigrated to Europe in search of safety and a better life.

Contributed with the story ''Et Brev til Kongen'' (no)

Arsenii Markov, co-founder / editor / graphic designer

Research Assistant, Bachelor Degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen. Head of the Membership Committee, a board member and online content manager at

Contributed with the interview ''The Stateless Refugees'' (en) and ''Intervju med Endre fra Dråpen i Havet'' (no)

Tone Sørfonn Moe, volunteer / activist

Volunteer at the Norwegian support committe for Western Sahara. She is currently studying law at the University of Bergen, and has a bachelor degree in European studies.

Contributed with the article ''Politisk forfølgelse fremfor søken etter sannhet'' (no)

Giti Carli Mohn, volunteer / activist

Regional Youth Development Specialist at United Nations Development Programme, Former Organisasjonsrådgiver at Operasjon Dagsverk.

Contributed with the short story ''On a plane bound for Europe'' (en)

Heba Osman, nurse / activist

Born in Cairo to Egyptian and Eritrean parents who moved to Norway when she was nine years old. Has a bachelor degree in Nursing from the Universty of Oslo. She is currently studying Arabic at the University of Bergen.

Contributed with the personal story ''Norsk Negresse - Identitet som skiller'' (no)

John Slade, volunteer / activist / writer

John Slade is a Norwegian-American author born in Buffalo, New York. He has a doctorate in literature from Stanford University, and is a certified speaker for Climate Reality. You can find his books at

Contributed with the personal essay ''A Separation of People'' (en) and wrote the captions for the visual article ''Chios Portraits'' (en)

Hasan Nadeem, dental student / graphic designer

Palestinian from Syria. Born in Syria, studied in Russia, came to Norway as an asylum seeker in 2015. He is currently studying Norwegian and is looking forward to completing his education in Norway.

Contributed with the opinion article ''A message to Norwegians from a Syrian refugee'' (en)

Valeria Markova, editor / cand. psychol

Cand. Psychol degree in University of Bergen with an exchange to National University of Singapore where she studied cultural diversity and had a internship in Saartibartman centre in Cape Town South Africa. In Bergen she was on of the founders of ''Helsesenter for Papirløse''. She also participates in different projects and has written several academic articles. She is currently a PhD candidate with research focus on cultural/ ethnic differences in conceptualizations of mental health problems and their treatment.

Contributes with the weekly article series ''Culture Weekly'' (no/en)

Ole Vik, co-founder / political scientist / IT specialist

Research assistant and substitute teacher with a masters degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen. Co-founders of where he previously served as finance manager, vice-president and content manager.

Contributed with the interview ''Sa opp jobben - Hjelper flyktninger på heltid'' (no)

Nastassja White, volunteer / activist

Nastassja has worked with refugees and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa and Myanmar. She worked as the Relocation Project Coordinator at the African Refugee Development Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is currently studying a Masters in Public International Law at the University of Oslo. She is originally from the UK.

Contributed with the article ''Family Reunification'' (en)


Mali Galaaen Røsseth, photographer

Photojournalist and film student at Nordland art- and film school, with a focus on documentaries.

Contributed with pictures to the article ''Det glemte folket i Sahara'' (no)

Eirik Johan Solheim, professor / volunteer / photographer

Eirik Johan Solheim is a professor at the Univeristy of Bergen and part-time photographer. He is a member of The Royal Photographic Society, and Nikon Professional Services, and he shoots landscape, nature, birds, still life, macro, action, sports, portraits, weddings, black & white and fine art. His pictures can be viewed at

Contributed with the visual article series ''Chios Portraits'' (en)

Fyodor Telkov, photojournalist

A critically acclaimed photojournalist from Nizhny Tagil, Russia. Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia since 2008. He currently lives and works in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Contributed with the visual article ''Family, taiga, reindeers'' (en)

Anonymous from Western Sahara, photographer / activist

A local Sahrawi who chose to remain unnamed due to the ungoing conflict in the region.

Contributed with pictures to the article ''Politisk forfølgelse fremfor søken etter sannhet'' (no)


Irina Reshetnikova, chemist / artist

Graduated from the Saratov Institue of Chemistry (analytical chemistry). Teaches drawing at the elementary level. Her work can be found under her artist pseudonym Bobcat's art

Contributed with the illustration ''Majids brev'' for the article "Et Brev til Kongen" (no)

Timur Sharafutdinov, artist / journalist

Graduated from the Moscow State University (radio journalist). Illustrator and cartoonist - you can find more of his work here.

Contributed with the illustration ''From Syria to Norway' for the article "A messeage to Norwegians from a Syrian refugee" (en)

Max Tref., artist

You can see more of his work here.

Contributed with the illustration ''Under the Mulberry Tree'' for the article "Looking for Home" (en)


Frifond, Barn og Unge

Supports local and voluntary cultural activity for democratic youth groups and organizations.

Contributed with sponsoring the marketing of You can read more about Frifond here.

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