A message to Norwegians from a Syrian refugee

From Syria to Norway (Illustration: Timur Sharafutdinov © Fremmed.no)

Norway. I believe that many people don't like us immigrants and refugees, and I feel many people don't really want us to be here.

It's really difficult when you walk in the streets and you see people looking at you like they just want you to understand that you're not welcome. I have to say this does not refer to everyone, as there are many other people who look and say ‘’hei’’ with a beautiful pretty smile, and I respond with a shy ‘’hei..’’.

Dear Norwegians, I believe that you love your country! There are few reasons not to love it. I understand that you want to protect it and keep it safe, strong, productive, clean and powerful! But believe me - me and many of the Syrian refugees are not here to do Norway any harm! We don’t want to make a mess - or steal the good soul from it. Many of the Syrian people are here to be safe and to feel secure. Here we can finally sleep without having to think about rockets, guns, killing and war!

The system in Norway is a little bit difficult, for example, we need to learn the Norwegian language before we can study or work, which we are told usually takes one and a half years. We are still new in this country, please be patient. We are working hard to fit in and I am sure us Syrians will be a great source of energy for Norway. A positive source.

Syrian people are creative, active, smart, strong and industrious - and will one day help make Norway stronger. We will work hard for Norway, it is now our second country - and our new home. The war has destroyed the Syrians, so just give us some time to get over the past, and we will prove that we are willing to help.

I feel safe! We feel safe! Don’t be afraid of us, we will not hurt you! We will always be beside you, we don’t ask you to share the bad days with us! We will share the good moments with you.

We also had a beautiful country. Before the war there were many refugees from different countries that lived among us, and we know how you feel. Today it’s our turn to be refugees here among you.

Someday some of us will join the Norwegian army and protect Norway, others will work in the police, some will work in factories or be your drivers! All that for Norway, because we will never forget your favour to us!

Dear Norwegians, we love you, and thank you for everything you have done for us, and please wait, the day will come when we will pay back the favour - and work together with you to make Norway even stronger.

Hasan Nadeem - Dental student, and graphic designer. Palestinian from Syria. Born in Syria, studied in Russia, came to Norway as an asylum seeker in 2015. He is currently studying Norwegian and is looking forward to completing his education in Norway.

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